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[23 Apr 2006|12:31am]
We're moving.

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[22 Apr 2006|06:04am]
Hey everyone. I have a 3-day weekend and have been planning to get some major work done during it, site-wise! Um. Unfortunately.... I've been recently informed my boyfriend is being relocated. Permanently. So right now my plans basically involve a lot of tears and snot-bubbles. I'll always love my darling, and possibly more than anyone else that may come along. This isn't entirely shocking to find out, I've known since early on things weren't going to end nicely. But....

C'est le vie.
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[20 Apr 2006|10:38pm]

I got this dealio at the Dollar Tree about a week ago. Pretty sweet for $1! It's a special Pop Rocks set with mystery ingredients and test tube that make some sort of foaming drinkable Pop Rocks treat. You put some water in the test tube, add Pop Rocks, ingredient one, then ingredient two and PRESTO! Foaming stuff! Yay! I was excited to drink this as I assumed I had created some sort of fantastic Pop Rocks soda.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. See, secret ingredient #1 was powdered sugar, and I'm fairly certain #2 was poison. As my lips touched against the test tube they started to BURN. It wasn't pleseant. It was SOUR. And not Sour Patch Kids sour, like drinking those plastic lemons filled with lemon juice they have at the grocery store. God damn that was nasty. I had the second pack of Pop Rocks plain, thank-you-very-much.
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Voice Post [20 Apr 2006|05:06pm]
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Oh ho ho... [19 Apr 2006|10:21pm]
[ mood | devious ]

I got a few tricks under my hat, bitch. I will not be ignored.
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[18 Apr 2006|09:02pm]

The Real Ghostbusters. Why the "Real" Ghostbusters? Because there's another cartoon that aired earlier called Ghostbusters that was produced by Filmation. It had a monkey. Ghostbusters has been one of my favorite movies for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think I might have even caught one of them in the oooold drive-in movie theater we had outside of town many many years ago, but my memories on that are kind of hazy. I might even be thinking of the Ghostbusters show they had in Universal. Memories are funny that way. I remember going to the drive-in and catching a double feature which contained the shittiest of shits Tom and Jerry movie, but I can't really remember what good movies I saw there! All I know is, if I become amazingly rich, I am so investing in a drive-in movie theater.

Also that Ghostbuster toys were amazing and I'm now eternally turned-on by watching men slide down a firepole. These toys were good for varieties sake. If your proton pack was being recharged, you at least had your ghost water-squirter and ping-pong-ball shooter. GET HER!!
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[17 Apr 2006|10:19pm]

New article is up.
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Dangerously cheesey [17 Apr 2006|07:04pm]
I don't know how many of you remember Cheetos Paws. They were little drops of cheesey gold to cheese puff fans. Each savory paw-shaped bite had some magical hole in the middle which acted as a vortex, sucking up all cheese powder within a 3 mile radius. Motherfuckers were good. The X's and O's weren't completely without their charm, but not nearly as cool as the paws. Since then nothing has really kit that Paws consistency.

Cheetos now has crunchy Twisted Cheetos, which are the closest we've come to pawness in a while. They have that fantastic paw-like consistency. Still, they're huge. Not wonderful and bite-sized like my paws. God damn I miss my paws. I think if I break up the twisteys and close my eyes maybe I won't be able to tell the difference.... but I will. I won't have the magical little paw hole to dip my tongue into. *sigh*
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[17 Apr 2006|07:59am]
Well, while I'm pissing around getting ready for work, I might as well tell you how I spent my Easter. We were invited to my aunt's, but the whole charade has apparently become too much for even my mother to handle, especially with the sucky food. So she opted not to go claiming she didn't want to spend her day off running around and what have you. I rolled out of bed around 10am and did my standard going 3 feet to my computer and ploppling my ass down to check my e-mail. I do that before anything. On an average day I reveive 3-8 pieces of non-junk mail. I reload Outlook all the time, just to check my mail. I love getting mail. Both my domain accounts spill into the same Outlook box, so that's always handy.

Anyway I was gonna get my MarioKart on but for some reason I can't find my fucking controller. So that was out. I wasn't in the mood to clean to look for it. I ate candy and watched lots of VH1 while my cat used my lap as some sort of sofa. Around 4pm we had dinner. I had turkey because I'm special, but everyone else had this weird pre-sliced ham. After that, stuffing, and mashed potatos I went back to my room and curled up next to my cat and took a nap.

I woke up and ate more candy. Then I watched Follow That Bird because I couldn't find any Easter specials. Then I dug up dirt on people I work with on MySpace. Nothing like finding a photo of someone you work with in their underwear and their ass totally hanging out. Yay internet.
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Happy Easter! [16 Apr 2006|12:39pm]
Happy Easter everyone! I don't know about you guys, but I awoke this morning to find a pastel basket filled with Cadbury eggs, bunnies, chocolates, and more. The only problem is for some reason, the Easter bunny always forgets to leave me jellybeans! But that's okay, because I hopped over to The Dollar Tree yesterday and picked these up.

Just Born jellybeans! From the same people that bring you Peeps! I must say, they're a lot better than some of the cheap $1 beans you find. Not as good as the Starburst jellybeans, which are my personal fav, but they're pretty good! I'm picking out all the black ones, because I hate black licorice. Yuck. But purple... that's the money bean.
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HAHA! [15 Apr 2006|11:49pm]
Take THAT Easter! I'm all up to date. At least for the next few minutes until it's officially Sunday. I am doing a final Easter special, which I feel will be a nice ending. It's partially written, so I might even stay up and finish it up tonight.

*stretch* It's been a struggle, but I'm almost at the finish line now. I'd like that thank all of you for hanging out with me on the Peepdown. To be honest, I'm going to be happy to get back to the normal articles. I've got one in mind that I'm anxious to get done. Also, a new magazine has shown an interest in my writing sooooo I might be taking on some freelance work. At this point I'm willing to work in exchange for plugging my site.

::crosses fingers::
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The Peepdate [15 Apr 2006|07:46am]
I'm gonna get it finished in time, I swear! Alas, this is my Saturday to work, but once that's over it's Peeps in hyperdrive. Well, I'll need to stop for caffeine at some place due to lack of sleep. And take some sinus headache medicine. So yeah, if I don't drop dead after work I'll totally get the Peepdate done! I'm only a day behind and half of it is written. I also have to dye Easter eggs tonight.

I have a newfound respect for Matt and his X-E holiday countdowns. Guy still drives me nuts, though. :P

And now, to get some concealer for these bags under my eyes...
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Shameless plug [13 Apr 2006|08:55pm]
If you love me, you'll buy me RAM.

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The search for Coke Blak [13 Apr 2006|07:45pm]
As odd as it may seem, especially since I'm not a Pepsi drinker, I used to love Pepsi Kona. When I heard Coke has recently released a similar product, Coke Blak, I knew I had to have some. I searched two grocery stores the other day to no avail. Today I finally got my car back from the garage so I decided to hunt some down. I went into Kutztown because it's the closest "college town" and I assumed the grocery store there would be most up-to-date with new soda products. No such luck. I tried the pharmacy across the street. None there. The gas station. None there. Then I started heading to the opposite side of the county.

Target had no Coke Blak either, so I gave up and tossed a case of Jones into my cart, poked at some Peeps packages and got back into my car. With the bad luck I was having I decided to go to Ollie's Bargain Outlet to see if I could find anything there. Ollie's is often a hit-or-miss type place. At first I was really missing, there weren't any good toys and nothing more interesting than very expired cans of WaldO's pasta. Then I found it. Each on sale for $1.29. And I took half a fucking case. Just because I could.

Yeah, baby. Shoutin Orange Tangergreen Hi-C previously known as Ecto-Cooler. I didn't want to seem like a total loser just buying Hi-C so I got some Jedi mix M&Ms to go with it. I'm gonna get my freak on tonight.
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Mmmmm..... [13 Apr 2006|09:46am]

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Bah [13 Apr 2006|09:12am]
Eh, go fuck yourself McDonald's. You're more worried about one mother having a shitfit than you are about kids having cool toys to play with. I do Customer Service e-mails for a living, and I know they spent about 5 seconds reading this and copy and pasted a form letter. Oh well. Can't say I blame 'em.

Hello Victoria:

Thank you for contacting McDonald's to share your comments about our recent Happy Meal toys. I'm sorry you were disappointed with the theme of this Happy Meal.

You may be interested to know that our Marketing staff reviews several different criteria when designing toys -- playability, durability, safety, quality and popularity with children just to name a few. The latter is always a challenge given the number of Happy Meal toys we offer every year. We often offer toys from kids' favorite television shows, retail toy lines and movie or television characters.

Please know that we would never intentionally upset our customers. Your comments are important and have been shared with our Marketing staff for their review. They've assured me they will consider your feedback when planning future Happy Meal offers.

Once again, thank you for letting us know how you feel. We hope you'll enjoy our future Happy Meal promotions.

McDonald's Customer Response Center
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ZOMG I AM GETTING TEH HACKED! [12 Apr 2006|08:00pm]
Wow. I just got sent my Peeps Fan Club user name and password. Twice. Is anyone else getting weird Fan Club issues or just me?

Anyway updated the Peepdown today. I have off tomorrow so I'm hope hope hoping to catch up!
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Wow. [11 Apr 2006|06:55pm]
Today at work I had a conversation with an old lady about boobies.
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Yarg [10 Apr 2006|09:30pm]
Part of me loves when I have my late-day at work on Monday, because I get to stay up late Sunday night! Then part of me hates it because I don't get home until late and have to be up the next morning. Plus after most of the department leaves at 5:30 things get crazy in the evening and it's especially a pain since now I mainly just do e-mails all day and then I have to hop on the phone and lose my place on what the hell I'm doing. Those e-mails about ugly curtains and Pasta Express don't answer themselves!

Anyway after work my mom picked me up because my car's at the shop. I made her stop at McD's because I forgot my lunch and was HUNGRY HUNGRY CHOMP CHOMP! So I got my "premium" chicken sandwich and as I was filling my cup up with Orange Lavaburst in one hand and using the other hand to stuff my pockets with complimentary mints and packs of McDonaldland cookies I noticed the current Happy Meal. Girls are getting Trollz and boys are getting SPY GEAR!!

WHAT A RIP!! If I was a little girl and I was given a ugly ass troll while my brothers were playing with Super Specs and Motion Sensors, I'd throw a shitfit! I'm still throwing a shitfit! The trolls don't even change pieces or glow or turn colors in icy or hot water! They come with a hairbrush to brush their hair, and any good toy nut knows that troll hair SUCKS and just rips out if you attempt to brush it. AND THEY LOOK LIKE DEMENTED PIXIES!! ARRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Oh yeah.... [10 Apr 2006|01:12am]
FYI - I paid up for a LJ account. It would be nice to just have a normal blog, but I'm not too savvy on server-side type stuff. One of these days. Anyway the main changes are just going to be that I'm going to put a lot more amazingly stupid icons up as I have a ton of amazingly stupid pictures on my hard drive. Also if you go to my User Info page there's a link to send me strange and random text messages directly to my cel phone.

Also I've decided that since I'm not always sure when I can squeeze in a commercial update what I'll just do is attempt one at least once a week and probably rotate with articles. Essentially article, commercial, article, commercial, etc.
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